Continuing to grow
Antolini® quality stems from innovative technology and effective solutions that look to the future of natural stone manufacturing, for all varieties of stone including (but not only) marble, granite, onyx and travertine.
Strengthened by years of experience, the company can look confidently and professionally to the international market.
Antolini® means value.
The value of genius, tradition, research and quality.
Live clean and healthy on natural stone
Azerobact®: Invisible Innovation
Bacteriostatic treatment
Prevents the growth of bacteria and mould
The first and only treatment for natural stone that prevents the growth of bacteria and mold to support a healthy lifestyle without the regular application of harsh, unnatural chemicals.

Not affected by external agents
Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
Long lasting action
Easy to clean with neutral soap
Seeps into the stone, blending with it
No colours and properties alteration
Allows the later application of a sealer
The perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle
Protection from etching and staining
Azerocare®: revolution in natural stone
No etching
No staining
Azerocare® treatment is the first ever of its kind to offer protection from etching and staining, caused by acid-based food elements, oil, fat, and grease.

Permanent treatment
Increases the superficial hardness of materials
Bacteriostatic treatment
No reaction to UV rays
No colour alteration
No touch and feel alteration
Easy to clean
ECO friendly
For more delicate stones
AVP®: a unique added value to natural stone
Healing of natural fragilities
Structure consolidation with resins
AVP® is a revolutionary process in the field of natural stone. Thanks to the most innovative vacuum technology, the entire thickness of the slab is strengthened by exclusive and high-quality resins which allow the processing even of rare and unique materials.

Strengthens the entire thickness of the slabs
Protects the surface of the most fragile natural stones
Enhances the beauty of stones
Allows an optimal polishing
Antolini®’s international patented system
Hi-Tech process
Increase cut resistance
Increase flexural strenght
Thanks to AVP® Antolini® can offer its clients those materials that due to their fragility could be used in few applications only.